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Description of the theme: Breathing Breathing Lessons on Feldy Notebook: Discussion ... #5. Equalizing the nostrils. AY #17 Breathing. AY #21. Contracting the abdomen while exhaling. AY #23 ... first. AY #126 The mouth and head cavity. AY #172. Stopping the breath AY #179 Breathing (To weld
Source ATM Book Lesson 4 Synopsis Use seesaw breathing to create a freer breath. In this ATM, seesaw breathing is done in various positions: on your back, stomach, side, and kneeling. To do seesaw breathing: breathe in filling expanding your lungs. Hold your breath. Without breathing out
of the breath, and adding profoundly gentle movements in a variety of positions, the student increases his/her sensitivity and awareness to discover habits in stopping the breath (and, of course, paradoxically, releasing ... . Lesson Outline Breath holding process (simplified) Holding the breath before exaltation: let the lungs
lying on your back (feet standing if it is more comfortable): Sense your breath. If you were to come up ... ? Pelvic Floor: What happens to the pelvic floor as you breathe in? Does it expand or contract? As you breathe out? Exhale and wait. As you start the inhale, notice the first movement you can sense. Floating
internal strength through your breath. Breathe, exapnding your internal balloon. Lesson Outline Lying ... your breath. Notice how your stomach expands. Imagine a balloon or soccer ball in your abdomen. Notice ... expands more? Which side expands more easily? Breathe into the side that expands more easily. Breathe
Source Alexander Yanai Volume 4 Synopsis Combining the theme of breathing rhythmically (equalizing the breath in four parts--AY 180) with lying on the feet under the pelvis (AY 183-184). Lesson ... under the pelvis, with heels farther than toes). Resources the four-part breathing is nicely
Sodfdurce Alexander Yanai Volume 4 Synopsis Using the model of the 4-part breathing ... without lifting the left knee from floor. 2a Attending to breathing and experience in many parts of the chest 3. 4-part breathing... "Hold the arm a bit behind, a bit backward, so the weight of the arm
with the soles touching and lengthening the spine. (Page 1149) 172. Stopping the breath. (Page 1155) 173. Knees ... the spine flexible and integrating it. (Page 1197) 178. Lengthening the arms. (Page 1203) 179. Breathing (To weld by breathing). (Page 1209) 180. Breathing rhythmically #1. (Page 1215) 181. Bending the fingers
Hey LRBR! Nice to see you here! This lesson inspires me to want a new tab. There are lessons that use a movement (e.g. lifting knees) but what they're really focused on is the initiation of movement (do you harden chest, tighten abdominals, shorten neck, interfere with breathing). Should we tag
Source Amherst Year 1 Synopsis Flexion with emphasis on right side and breathing. Lesson ... the pubis and navel. a. Notice your breathing. b. Breath in by heaving your chest. Lift your chest and the clavicles toward the head and take a breath in. Keep on doing that. c. Squeeze the chest down to the floor
, legs crossed, arms in triangle: including where you stay at the end point and breathe (not see ... and extenors" with a focus on breathing. Lesson Outline Cross R knee over L, and tilt R. Other side. R leg standing, L long. Form arm triangle and take it L. Stay and breathe (opening ribs on R). Same, but take
of seeing this lesson as a breathing lesson, we can view it as a way to study and investigate into how breathing is done (a quote I found in a recording of New Dwelle 2006 / Munich City training) Dr. Prof ... Abdominis, and Rectus Abdominis To realize which of the abs muscles are needed for breathing, and which
on back. Bring legs together on floor, with legs and inside of feet together. Flex ankles and breathe in ... ankles and as toes come up, bring chin toward chest. Breathe out as toes come up, expanding abdomen. Legs and feet together. Flex ankles and as toes come up, lift chin away from chest. Breathe out as toes come up
chest forward. * Stability in sitting and the width of your lower ribs ATM: Seesaw Breathing Practice ... shoulder from Sitz bones Demo: Lift and Translate Leg ATM: Expanding the abdomen with breath. Similar to Breathing, expanding your internal balloon Day 4 Day 5
support from the ground, on creating conditions for learning, on increasing awareness of the breath
ankle on the R knee (as in 1). Lengthen head. Pull R arm. Leave R arm long and do see-saw breathing. Lengthen head and do see-saw breathing. Change legs. Lengthen head up and do see-saw breathing. Pull R hand. Pull L hand. Position of 3. Lengthen head up and do see-saw breathing. Pull R hand. Pull L hand. Other
of habit 7. Thinking while acting 8. Freeing an action of wasted energy 9. Breathing rhythm during ... the latent work of muscles 41. A new start for each movement 42. Coordinating breathing and movement 43 ... . Diagonal movement Lesson 4 Differentiation of parts and functions in breathing 54. Volume
, count & find out how far you can count on one breath. No pushing, just easy normal, counting ... breathing. Through your mouth make the highest sound you can make. Try to relax the tongue as you do it ... . Come back to both nostrils. Come back to the mouth open. Rest and listen to your breathing. Sit up
(AY #36) Day 2 ? 2.16.09 Hopping Hooking Big Toe #1 Topping the Breath (AY #172 ... : Stopping the Breath lesson DB Talk: Weber Fechner Law: Just Noticeable Differences Day 4 ? 2 ... .17.09 Following the breath Day 4 ? 2.18.09 Observation & ?riding along? as partner does sitting & rolling
[comfortable...pleasing...looking for the word] pleasant." Breathing so as not to do anything that you understand "breathing" to be. Don't breathe and see what kind of breathing happens anyway. When you feel you need to breath, swallow. At the beginning, everyone has palms in different position (lying with knees