• Arm behind head and to the chin, then flex forward.
  • This short video is a visual reminder of AY 44. Someone else might interpret the movement you see with the words in a different manner. The words written sometimes are verbatim, sometimes close to verbatim and sometimes my interpretation of the words that are written by Moshé Feldenkrais. -- Ute Müller

Lesson Outline

  • On the back, legs standing, arms above head. R hand grasps L wrist (fist): pull so elbow goes behind head ,
  • R leg standing, L elbow behind head (as above): lift hip and roll body; (if possible L ear to the floor) : pull so L elbow lifts from the floor
    • everything up to now on óther side
  • On stomach: pull elbow behind head as above, both sides
  • Sit crossed-legged, R hand and L wrist, open L hand: pull behind head to R side of face, caress it
  • continue until you can hold the chin (head may move)
    • other side
  • Sit, R leg back, L across in front, right arm behind head with ahnd holding chin: lean forward until R elbow touches floor
    • other side
  • Same arm position lying on the back: lift head
    • other side
  • roll right-left
  • Get up, lift both arms up slowly

Focus of Moshe's Teaching

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Share Your Insights (ideas, principles, strategies, experiences, ...)

  • One of my favourite introductory lessons.
  • Differing viewpoints are welcome and desired! [and corrections as well, I might add ;-)]

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