These are lessons for which some synopsis, outline or commentary has been created.
  1. 4 points personal
  2. 68. Rolling the fists. (Page 439)
  3. A Clock AY77
  4. A clock in front of the face AY82
  5. A plane dividing the body,
  6. A Selection of Categorizing Schemes for the ATM
  7. Advancing on all fours AY528
  8. Align your spine
  9. Arm around in lying AY495
  10. Arm to the ceiling and movements of the thigh and head AY419
  11. Awareness and Differentiation of the Toes
  12. AY 101 - On side; lifting the leg and straightening it
  13. Balance on all fours LT2
  14. Balancing on feet that are joined - AY 166
  15. Balancing on the hands (1) - AY 162
  16. Basic bending AY41
  17. Bell Hands
  18. Bending more easily
  19. Bending on the stomach AY73
  20. Bending the elbows over the knees AY20
  21. Bending the head to the side while sitting AY1
  22. Bending the right ear to the right shoulder and the left ear to the left shoulder AY85
  23. Bending while sitting and shoulder movements AY152
  24. Bending while supine
  25. Breathing into all 6 dimensions - Haller
  26. Breathing, expanding your internal balloon - Haller
  27. Buttocks AY13
  28. Carriage of the Head Affects the State of the Musculature
  29. Chanukia, the candle holder. (Page 97)
  30. Circle crossover in bridge Amherst Year 2
  31. Circles with the head and leg; on the side AY30
  32. Circles with the legs lying on the back AY261
  33. Circling left rotating the bucket
  34. Clarifying movements of legs and pelvis in relation to shoulders on side MG78-10
  35. Classic coordination of flexor and extensor muscles MG77
  36. Classic rotation sitting
  37. Classical twist on the side with an advanced opening AY465
  38. Clock - the abdominal muscles AY83
  39. Clock AY 84
  40. Clocks in three positions AY376
  41. Continuation AY 531
  42. Continuation to sitting AY 532
  43. Continuation, holding the knee AY270
  44. Continue sawing forearms - including embedded lecture on violence
  45. Contracting the abdomen while exhaling AY21
  46. Coordinating flexors and extensors
  47. Coordinating flexors and extensors MG78
  48. Coordinating head forward and the pelvis backward AY451
  49. Coordination of the Flexor Muscles and of the Extensors
  50. Covering the eyes
  51. Crawling on the knees E26
  52. Crossing knees and coordinated eye movements AY266
  53. Crossing knees and twisting the back and pelvis AY140
  54. Crossing knees to sit AY 530
  55. Crossing legs and twisting AY367
  56. Diagonal extension of arms and legs on back and stomach
  57. Diagonal pressing
  58. Dial movement of the pelvis
  59. Differentiating movements of leg to roll forward and backward
  60. Differentiation of eyes, head, and back in twisting movements
  61. Differentiation of Parts and Functions in Breathing
  62. Differentiation of Pelvic Movements by Means of an Imaginary Clock
  63. Dragging knees to the stomach AY515
  64. Dynamic spread AY499
  65. Edges of the feet AY433
  66. Elbows and knees touching AY27
  67. Elbows in crooks AY277
  68. Equalizing the nostrils AY5
  69. Extending arms and knees
  70. Extending the arms and twisting to the back. AY 121
  71. Extending the arms forward 1 AY271
  72. Extending the arms with standing the foot on the lower leg
  73. Extension lesson (part 2) Amherst Year 1
  74. Extensor lesson (part 1) - Amherst Year 1
  75. Extensors
  76. Eye coordination in sitting
  77. Eye exercises E33
  78. Feldenkrais® ATM Lessons - Alphabetically
  79. FeldyEastern Workshop lessons
  80. Fingers backward AY125
  81. Fingers interlaced on the chest AY536
  82. Flexing the upper body, Elbow to the knee (continued)
  83. Flexors LT5
  84. Focus on the Hips and Low Back by Elizabeth Beringer
  85. Folding forward
  86. Foot on the head. AY34
  87. Four Cardinal Points - Razumny
  88. Four Cardinal Points of support on hands & feet, sitting to the right and left E4
  89. Four diagonals in folding
  90. Four points - introduction AY432
  91. Four points AY16
  92. Four points AY321
  93. Franz Wurm - Hände berühren sich hinterm Rücken
  94. Fresh Standing AY539
  95. Frog movement with the leg and the arch AY117
  96. General coordination
  97. Getting to know the hip joints AY241
  98. Hands interlaced. AY33
  99. Head and pelvis LT18
  100. Head and shoulders
  101. Head fixed, pelvis fixed while standing on the knees
  102. Heels and Toes in circles
  103. Heels under the pelvis 1 (In and out). AY 190
  104. Hip and shoulder integration
  105. Improving chest mobility
  106. Improving the knees
  107. In standing, turning the heels outside AY300
  108. In standing, turning with the eyes AY484
  109. Interlacing fingers and toes to lift foot - Amherst Year 2
  110. Interlacing the Toes
  111. Introduction to rolling E34
  112. Knees crossed having the pelvis lie right and lift AY529
  113. Knees inward to the floor AY173
  114. Knees outward to the floor AY174
  115. Knots AY337
  116. Krauss Fall 2011 ATM 1A
  117. Krauss Fall 2011 ATM 1B
  118. Krauss Fall 2011 ATM 1C
  119. Krauss Fall 2011 ATM 2
  120. Lean on the knee and get up AY409
  121. Leaning on the hands and twisting. AY 374
  122. Learning to move the head and neck from the center in side sitting MG
  123. Left Shoulder, Lying on Side
  124. Leg to the side AY500
  125. Legs crossed and expanding chest and abdomen AY28
  126. Legs pushing the pelvis and rocking the back AY224
  127. Legs to the side and lifting them with the hands AY135
  128. Length and fists AY 347
  129. Lengthening and straightening the left leg AY32
  130. Lengthening Hamstrings Leaning on a Chair
  131. Lengthening heels and arms AY476
  132. Lengthening of the arms in the shoulder blades AY44
  133. Lengthening the arms AY89
  134. Lengthening the arms; sitting cross-legged AY90
  135. Lengthening the back in refined movements, in sitting AY288
  136. Lifting head on back and stomach - basic flexion and extension
  137. Lifting head with arm on belly with various positions of the legs
  138. Lifting Head, Legs, Arms
  139. Lifting in thought, on the stomach AY30
  140. Lifting of the back in the knees or lifting of the back with the knees
  141. Lifting straight legs and circling the arms AY208
  142. Lifting the elbows - interlacing AY535
  143. Lifting the elbows in front. AY45
  144. Lifting the elbows with a loose hand
  145. Lifting the head and knee AY42
  146. Lifting the head and legs while twisting AY87
  147. Lifting the head diagonally. AY 170
  148. Lifting the head on all fours AY57
  149. Lifting the head on the back
  150. Lifting the head to activate flexors (continued) - Amherst Year 1
  151. Lifting the head to activate flexors - Amherst Year 1
  152. Lifting the head while prone
  153. Lifting the head with the hands
  154. Lifting the head with the hands; abdominal muscles while lying on the floor AY66
  155. Lifting the pelvis on standing feet AY43
  156. Lifting the pelvis with a swing of the legs AY40
  157. Looking at the back while sitting AY136
  158. Lower Back Ease
  159. Lying on stomach
  160. Lying on the feet 1 AY183
  161. Lying on the feet 2 AY184
  162. Lying on the Feet No 3 and breathing rhythmically AY 185
  163. Making the spine flexible and integrating it AY177
  164. Mark Reese Walking ATMs - 1st CD
  165. Minimal eye movements (part 2) Amherst
  166. Minimal eye movements Amherst
  167. Minimal lifting AY29
  168. Minimal movements; lying on the side; begin the movements in imagination AY232
  169. More flexible feet
  170. Movement of opposition AY333
  171. Movement of opposition continuation on the knees AY334
  172. Movement of the eyes left and right
  173. Movement of the Eyes Organizes the Movement of the Body
  174. No name
  175. On back flexing torso
  176. On back, legs crossed, tilting knees to the side SF1
  177. On back, lifting the head with the help of the hands SF1
  178. On right side, head and knee under the frame of left arm AY548
  179. On side turning with straight arm in arc MG 77
  180. On stomach lifting pubic bone AY 549
  181. On stomach, bumping knees
  182. On the cheek AY25
  183. On the other side AY537
  184. On the side - head and pelvis AY440
  185. On the side - lifting the heels
  186. On the side caressing straight legs AY526
  187. On the side, bending and twisting the chest and spine AY218
  188. On the side, the sternum becoming flexible AY217
  189. On the stomach AY60
  190. On the stomach face to the knee AY533
  191. On the stomach training the back AY473
  192. On the stomach, to lean on the palms of the hands and twist the shoulders AY294
  193. Opening the shoulders
  194. Opposition on the side. AY 447
  195. Optimal lifting of the knees AY97
  196. Organize the head, neck, and upper body for vision
  197. Oscillations jello pudding
  198. Palate mouth, and teeth AY 23
  199. Passing the feet in the arm ring AY375
  200. Pelvic clock var’ns LT7
  201. Perfecting the Self-Image
  202. Pillows and swings AY380
  203. Pillows right and left AY381
  204. Preparation for a clock AY19
  205. Preparation for a headstand, 1 AY71
  206. Preparation for a headstand, 2 AY72
  207. Preparation for bridge AY438
  208. Preparation for rolling to sitting AY417
  209. Pressing the legs and sitting the body. AY 169
  210. Primary image AY338
  211. Prone, lifting the head and arm in various combinations with one knee up to the side
  212. Protruding the abdomen AY416
  213. Protrusions and bendings AY456
  214. Releasing the hips by holding the feet AY302
  215. Rolling
  216. Rolling arms rolling fists, Errol Flynn
  217. Rolling back to side - Amherst Year 1
  218. Rolling from the back to side-sitting.AY223
  219. Rolling right and left. AY 122
  220. Rolling the Fists Amherst
  221. Rolling the head between the hands
  222. Rolling the head between the hands AY8
  223. Rolling to sit with the elbows AY3
  224. Rolling to sitting
  225. Sawing forearms - arms crossed in front working into hands joined behind neck
  226. Say Hi to the Hyoid
  227. Scanning
  228. Scanning E1
  229. Scissoring legs on floor
  230. Seated and twist left
  231. Seeing the heels AY2
  232. Seeing the heels while lying on the stomach AY7
  233. Separating the spaces in (between) the toes. AY 161
  234. Separating twists on a chair AY469
  235. Separation in lying with Saika AY460
  236. Shoulder and hip circles on side
  237. Shoulder and hip relations
  238. Shoulder circles
  239. Side-lying, arm to ceiling SFY1
  240. Simple pelvic clock
  241. Simpler AY339
  242. Simpler on the stomach and the back AY341
  243. Simpler thighs AY340
  244. Sinking the spine between the shoulder blades. (Page 629)
  245. Sitting - Lying AY326
  246. Sitting Indian fashion AY4
  247. Sitting on the floor with the help of your hands AY22
  248. Sitting up with hands under kneecap (part 1) - Amherst Year 1
  249. Sitting up with hands under kneecap (part 2) - Amherst Year 1
  250. Sitting with straight legs AY12
  251. Skewering the spine in the chest AY308
  252. Sliding along the length of the leg AY37
  253. Sliding arm and leg on side rotating trunk MG 78
  254. Sliding hand down legs in various ways on back MG78.4
  255. Sliding on one leg AY49
  256. Sliding the back of the hands behind the back - AY 160
  257. Slow lifting; on the stomach AY76
  258. Some Fundamental Properties of Movement
  259. Standing AY78
  260. Standing on One Leg - AY 159
  261. Stomach and chest first AY35
  262. Stopping the Breath. AY 172
  263. Sucking -life's first movement Amherst
  264. Supine interlacing fingers AM2
  265. Supporting the head continuation AY 534
  266. The eyeball lesson AY165
  267. The foot and its movements in space AY304
  268. The line of effort in the back in lifting AY305
  269. The mouth and head cavity AY126
  270. The pelvis backward on the knees
  271. The splits AY211
  272. Theme Voice
  273. Tilting Crossed Legs E3
  274. Tilting legs on front side to come to sit
  275. Tilting legs to left, prone
  276. Tilting on knee on back
  277. Tilting pelvis sitting
  278. Tilting the knees (part 1) Am1
  279. Tilting the knees (part 2)
  280. Tilting the leg backward in sitting AY498
  281. Toes interlaced AY418
  282. Tossing Parts of the Body Into the Air. Ay 168
  283. Touching knee to elbow lying on side - Amherst Year 2
  284. Transitioning from standing on all fours - to where?
  285. Transitioning from supine to side lying and on to sitting
  286. Turning on a side axis AY242
  287. Turning standing
  288. Turning the head around its circumference and in the center AY6
  289. Turning while sitting LT1
  290. Twisting and opposing gently AY434
  291. Twisting the pelvis relative to the shoulders AY73
  292. Twisting the pelvis with a long arm AY240
  293. Twisting the spine and Breathing rhythmically_5. AY 188
  294. Twisting with head fixed
  295. UNKNOWN
  296. Walking backward AY354
  297. Walking on all fours to walking upright
  298. Weighing the head in the circumference; sitting cross-legged and standing on the knees. AY 65
  299. What is Good Posture?
  300. Wide open twist to side AY430
  301. With holding the knee AY383
  302. Work with the active (dominant) hand AY124
  303. Zen sitting AY99

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