Author: Moshe Feldenkrais, Dallas 1981
It seems it was a public workshop for introduction to the Feldenkrais Method. Moshe seems overworked and tired. Epic quotes inside (example) and marvelous lessons though. There's 5 mp3 files somewhere.


  • Dallas01 (1).mp3 - Introductory lecture
  • Dallas02 (1).mp3 - Flexor movements of hand & feet
  • Dallas03.mp3
  • Dallas04.mp3
  • Dallas05.mp3

Dallas01 (1).mp3 - Introductory lecture
Why people come to Feldenkrais

Dallas02 (1).mp3 - Flexor movements of hand & feet

  • ATM starts in side-lying on right side, with left knee on the floor behind right knee
  • Flex right hand
  • Flex right hand & left foot
  • Flex right hand and bend left knee
  • Flex right hand and make circles with left foot
  • The whole thing takes like 40 minutes and ends with observations of differences in walking, the foot and the hip joint, which has less tension

Moshe Feldenkrais says at 2:09 "what we are going to do now that simple thing very very simple is actually one of the major achievements of my life not these way of thing but the fact that I made and I learned and evolved a method which allows me to do turn abstract ideas into concrete simple ex so that every human being can do it feel it and realize that aie[mumble] is actually not only a body but also a brain."
You have been 50 years inside your body and you still cannot do it.
Even a 90 year old who comes to see me can learn something.

why not knees on top of each other, but both on the floor?
why right hand and left foot (instead of right foot)?