• imagining a plane dividing the body in half and moving along that plane

Lesson Outline

  • Imagine a ball on the bridge of your nose, between your eyes
  • slowly move the ball up and down, drawing a line along your middle
  • increase the range of the ball, from top of head to bottom of torso
  • ball goes between your legs to your buttocks, and up your spine
  • eventually the ball goes in a complete circle
  • bounce the ball between the top line and the bottom thin, creating a plane
  • extend the plane outside of your body, to the floor below, and towards the ceiling
  • raise your arms to ceiling palms on the plane, touching palms as the plane in very thin
  • move arms down towards pelvis and up above the head along the plane, together and separately
  • lift head keeping the plane in the middle

Focus of Moshe's Teaching

  • discovery where your perceived midline differs from the "real" midline

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