A Guide to Awareness Through Movement: 18 lessons based on the Feldenkrais method

Author: Dr. Chava Shelhav; editor Dalia Golomb

The notes here are based on the second edition, June 2010, but the copyright is 2003, so the resource has been around for a while, but the second edition appears to be the first English translation. The back cover advises that Chava assisted Moshe in international and Israeli training courses for many years and that she developed and trains coaches in Child'Space. The text is spiral bound, illustrated and includes simple instructions accompanied by guided comments to direct student's attention and explanations of the theory behind the lessons. Dalia has laid all of this out in a format that allows the lessons to be easily accessed on different levels.


  1. Bending while supine
  2. Lifting the head while prone
  3. Transitioning from supine to prone supported on crossed elbows
  4. Transitioning from supine to side lying and on to sitting
  5. Improving upright organization (on the side)
  6. Improving upright organization (supine)
  7. Improving upright organization (prone)
  8. Rotation - supine with head fixed to the side
  9. Rotation lying on the side
  10. Transitioning from standing on all fours - to where?
  11. Transitioning from lying to sitting, holding the foot sitting sole-to-sole
  12. Transitioning from side-sitting to standing, in a spiral motion
  13. Sitting on a chair
  14. Breathing in various positions
  15. Lengthening the arms from supine
  16. Voice production and speech
  17. Standing and walking
  18. Homework for independent exploration

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Available direct from the publisher (www.feldenkrais-shelhav.com), and probably at your favourite Feldy supplier.