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The place to find, annotate, and share Feldenkrais® ATM lessons
Feldy Notebook was created to allow Feldenkrais practitioners to contribute their understanding and insights of Feldenkrais Lessons. It's a collaboration space. It's a way to deepen your knowledge about Feldenkrais lessons by studying, contributing and working together with other practitioners.

Feldy Notebook is a wiki - what is a wiki?

A wiki allows collaborative modification and extension of its content and structure. While a wiki is a type of content management system, it differs from a blog or most other such systems in that the content is created without any defined owner or leader, and wikis have little implicit structure, allowing structure to emerge according to the needs of the users.

Quick links to Feldenkrais ATM Lessons

There's many ways to look up ATM lessons. You could browse lists of lessons...

If you're in a hurry to find a certain lesson from the Alexander Yanai series, here's a quick reference:

sources.jpg Vol 1 (1-50)Vol 2 (51-100)Vol 3 (101-150)Vol 4 (151-200)Vol 5 (201-250)Vol 6 (251-300)Vol 7 (301-350)Vol 8 (351-400)Vol 9 (401-450)Vol 10 (451-500)Vol 11 (501-550)

The origins of Feldy Notebook

all_this_material.small.jpgFeldy Notebook began when Laura Yedwab was in her second year of training in 2010 and frustrated that there were so few resources available to help her study and learn ATMs. It was difficult to find an ATM, even by its name, e.g. where could I go to find the Errol Flynn. There was no place to go that would help compare and contrast similar ATMs, e.g. all the pelvic clock ATMs that Moshe taught. It was difficult to find practitioners' recordings of the ATMs. There was no place to go to learn about other practitioners experiences with an ATM. Click here to learn more.

Today Feldy Notebook has more than 600 members and 250 ATM lesson pages. Many of these pages contain pointers to audio recordings and some even have short videos showing the ATMs. There are theme pages that discuss highly related ATMs (e.g. pelvic clock).


On Oct 25, 2015, Laura Yedwab taught an online class: Mastering Feldy Notebook:

In 2011, Laura Yedwab also created this overview video that was shown at the yearly guild conference:

Is your favorite ATM missing?

Feldy Notebook can only grow through the effort and help of practitioners like you. This is a resource that is for the community and created by the community. Do you have insights and experiences about an ATM lesson that you want to share? The next time you write up notes on an ATM, consider adding them also to Feldy Notebook. The next time you record an ATM, put a link to the recording into Feldy Notebook. Your contribution might be exactly the ATM someone else is looking for. If you haven't done yet, learn how to contribute.

Your opinion counts

Use the discussion forum (of this page, the home page) to discuss about Feldy Notebook as a whole. For discussions about specific Feldenkrais® ATM lessons, please use the discussion forum associated with the ATM's page.