Jeremy Krauss: Advanced Training, Fall 2011

Notes by students in attendance (Lynette Reid, with the collaboration of Ann Devine-King, Debra Wanner, and Marian Jarina).
Posted with permission of Jeremy Krauss; all errors in transcription and interpretation belong, however, to the note-takers!


  • ATM #1 A (Sidelying: moving off the shoulder and turning the head)
  • ATM #1 B (Sidelying, off the shoulder: from lengthening and shortening the leg to lifting the head)
  • ATM #1 C (Face down, lifting elbow backwards)
  • ATM #2 (Lifting the head over the elbow/rocking on the diagonal)

General discussion

Some thoughts from my experience with these lessons:- LynetteReid LynetteReid Feb 3, 2012~

These lessons deal with developmental themes--while approaching these as adults learning. Some developmental ideas:
  • The position of being face down invites the infant to lift the head. Here we came at lifting the head--from lying on the side.
  • In lying face down, the infant first differentiates the shoulder girdle--pulling the elbows backwards--in order to be able next to organize the spine/chest to then develop lifting of the head.

Some functional connections developed:
  • A strong and clear diagonal extension, hewing close to the central axis.
  • Side-bending in the upper ribs, beneath the shoulder blades. Necessary for turning the head on its axis (as opposed to rolling, developed in 1A and 1B), and for lifting the head on the tray of the arms (end of 1C).